Tiger of the Himalayas:


Who We Are

Apa and his team have worked the last five years to raise money to assist the Thame School. Now, with the help and support of generous donations, the Apa Sherpa Foundation will be able to expand the legacy already begun by Apa himself. Consider a Donation!

Nepal needs your help!

"Without an education, we have no choice"

-Apa Sherpa

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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

The Yeti will provide power for the computers and electronics in our School. Thank you very much to Goal Zero for an awesome product.

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Thame School Project

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The Thame school was built by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1963. Determined to get an education, Apa Sherpa walked hours to and from the school everyday. His dream was to become a doctor, but his father died when he was twelve, and he had no choice but to drop out of school and work as a porter for mountain climbing expeditions.

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The mission of The Apa Sherpa Foundation (ASF) is to empower individuals throughout the world to follow the example of Apa Sherpa in overcoming adversity.

Apa Sherpa, Tiger of the Himalaya, was born in poverty and rose to become the greatest climber in the history of Mount Everest.

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Currently the Sherpas do not have a written language and poor economic conditions have led to an exodus of young people to larger cities in order to seek a better life.Ā  The foundation’s first and most important task is to reverse this trend andĀ strengthen the home land of the Sherpa people. Please consider a Donation.